Turkish Covid-19 Cases Surpass Record Levels After Change In Reporting

On April 8, 2021, the Ministry of Health will share the last coronavirus table. Based on the table, there were 55 thousand 941 cases diagnosed among people. Furthermore, there have been 2,316 coronavirus patients diagnosed. A total of 258 people died. On March 11, 2011, the first cases were reported in Turkey, breaking the record-breaking number of new topics since that date.

Turkey’s Tracking The Virus

Gradually, restrictions are starting to loosen. The doctor remains on alert, however. For the district of Fatih, she serves as public health director. Despite his age, Dr. Aslan is an articulate and energetic leader. The tracing operation leads to the discovery of contracts. Around the country, there are 6000 teams.

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She tells me we feel like we’re in a war. Some people don’t go home. Those eight hours are completed after we say OK. It does not matter to them that they have to go home. Because they know they have to handle this as a duty before spreading the disease to anybody else.

Turkish Doctors Embrace Hydroxychloroquine

A World Health Organization official said the acting head in Turkey. The country can teach us a thing or two about public health, Dr. Irshad Shaikh. He told the BBC he was initially concerned. Their daily positive cases were 3,500. However, what works in testing. There was no waiting period of five to six days. Furthermore, he stresses the importance of quarantine, isolation, and contract tracing measures as well. But the protocol for treating patients in Turkey is still too new to be judged.

It is controversially included as standard antimalarial medicine hydroxychloroquine. The declaration has been much-talked-about by the president. Yet, the newest international research has dismissed it out of hand.


At a hospital where thousands of patients are treated with this treatment routinely, we could examine it in person. Sehit Ilhan Varank hospital cares for patients with serious diseases. State hospitals more than two years old are also state-of-the-art.

Chief doctor Nurettin Yiyit, whose work adorns the hospital walls, explains that hydroxychloroquine must be used early. Generally, this drug is used too late in other countries, says he. In particular, the United States. It is used only in the beginning. The drug is not a problem for us. Since we get results, we consider it effective.

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Adding and removing layers of protection as we go on a hospital tour. Turkey’s approach is to treat early and aggressively to ward off the virus. These people use high concentrations of blood plasma and oxygen, along with hydroxychloroquine and other drugs.

It’s Not Over Yet

Medical experts in Turkey have not given the government a clean bill of health to handle the pandemic. This report says Ankara made several mistakes while responding to the pandemic, including leaving the border open for too long. So, the WHO is giving Turkey some credit.

Dr. Shaikh said that this outbreak is relatively young. However, if more people were seriously ill, the number would increase drastically. Something is going right.

The Turkish population is young, and they have many ICU beds. Despite this, every day, approximately 1,000 new cases are reported.

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