The Coronavirus has Changed the World

The coronavirus has changed the world, there have been very few such significant events in the history of humanity which did not affect one saintly area but shook the whole world with its wraps.


The great outbreak of COVID-19, the new Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in December 2019, proved to be a massive event that has led to many changes in human lives internationally. Bring it. 195 countries located on the planet and the outbreak has engulfed all these countries and highlighted their importance in human history.

The most dangerous form of the disease is an outbreak. When it is born, it sometimes destroys the kingdoms, and the lives of both the people and the people abolished.

From January 1918 to December 1920, the world engulfed by a “virus outbreak” of the flu virus. At least five million people came to his death. In India alone, more than 150 million civilians killed. The British Government of India did not take proper measures to cope with the outbreak and left millions of Indians at the mercy of death.

This shortcoming spread the freedom of movement all over India, and the familiar people demanded the end of their government. Thus, the Spanish flu played a role in dispersing the taped of the Great British Empire without a sunset.

Coronavirus outbreaks have locked down everyday life in many countries, setting up stock markets and shutting down private and public institutions. Because of this, millions of people lost their jobs.

An essential feature of such outbreaks for experts is that they expose the flaws and deficiencies found in government systems globally. These flaws are usually successful in hiding from the public, but a sudden outbreak of the outbreak leaves them exhausted.

The Coronavirus has Changed the World

Conquest Wins:

The outbreak of the new Coronavirus has put humanity in crisis. From Australia to the United States and Argentina, billions of people forced to live in their homes. Governments as they try to support them with their resources and resources, but overall, the governments could not live up to the expectations of the people in this crisis. The United States and China have long been accusing each other of creating a coronavirus biological laboratory.

China then helped Pakistan, Iran and other countries to some extent; the Trump government failed to stop the spread of the outbreak in America. Instead of focusing on measures to prevent the epidemic, President Trump has been announcing that commercial and business activities will begin soon.

Other developed and wealthy countries also did not provide any aid to developing countries and left them helpless. Three months after the announcement of support, the operation of the world powers cannot be called impressive. It is a fact that most governments failed to meet expectations in the global crisis. But hundreds of men and women individually in every country, including Pakistan, showed tremendous determination while trying to overcome the Quaid-19. Thus, they added a new history of human courage and bravery.

The Other Side of the Coin

The recent outbreak has left billions of people imprisoned in homes. Meeting with each other, even the manner of speaking, suddenly changed. The majority of people soon became tired of this routine but also had the rare opportunity to think in isolation. Many people realized that by joining the race to make money, they had lost the small joys of life. These same joys can colour and live in everyday life.

Role of Government

For the last forty years, there has been an emphasis on privatization of governments. Those government services and institutions entrusted to the private sector. The aim is to minimize the responsibilities of human society in its management.

For example, the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, stated that human society does not exist in the eyes of the government. Similarly, Ronald Reagan, the prominent US president, called the government a fundamental obstacle to the formation of a better human society.

The other side of the picture is that with the outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak, governments in all countries of the world, including Pakistan, have become active for the welfare of the people. The governments of developing countries announced trillions of dollars in packages to facilitate the public.

Plus, he gave billions of dollars to help strengthen the health sector. Thus, the outbreak revealed the fact that the primary duty and responsibility of any government is to work for the good of the people and use their power and resources for this purpose.

The Coronavirus has Changed the World

Environmentally Friendly Measures

The outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak shut down public and private entities around the world and stopped working in factories. Traffic also reduced on the roads. This change led to positive changes in the environment everywhere. An increase in oxygen observed, and a distinctive lethality of flowers and vegetables returned to the urban gardens.

Many businesses’ businessmen and executives may prefer video conferences in the future. They do all the activities with the help of the Internet sitting in their place and travelling only when the need arises. Such a physical or digital environment of work could change the nature of business and business in the future.

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End of the “Western Brand”

Quaid-19 was born in China, but its prevalence was high in the western world (Europe ‘America’ Australia ‘Brazil). Sixteen of the twenty largest countries are located in the West, depending on the number of victims. It is evident that in these countries, the standard or standard of health care treatment has not been well-established in the past. On the contrary, South Korea ‘Singapore’, Japan ‘Malaysia, etc. did not take concrete measures to prevent the outbreak.

Experts say the West has not been a source of power in the world for the past two decades. Now with Quad 19, this process of change will be accelerated. China too quickly overcame its initial flaws and managed to control the outbreak in a billion people.

But the European governments and the US government have shown a lot of cheapness about Quad 19, and their response has been irresistible and inconsequential. It further damaged the “Western brand” and was no longer associated with a good sense of duty and good faith.

China a World Power

In the twentieth century, America has been the centre of the world’s politics’ economy and society. China has been trying to take over the place since the early 21st century. Quad 19 will make this process faster. The reason is that the American people no longer see globalization and global trade as worthwhile for themselves.

He believes that the influx of refugees does not result in more jobs for American citizens, and then their income reduced. Similarly, free trade agreements are detrimental to the US economy. So, the majority of Americans are mentally constrained to their country and think only of the national interests.

US rulers see developed, prosperous and powerful China as a threat to themselves. He believes that the rise of China could end US sovereignty in the world. Therefore, despite deep trade links, US rulers can take secret steps to harm China.

For example, the news circulates in the media that the new coronavirus was made in an American biological laboratory and released into China. By the way, the virus has greatly affected China socially, economically and politically.

The Coronavirus has Changed the World

Smile Treatment in Corona

Psychologists say that humour in affliction, grief, and sadness gives person courage and confidence. Resorted to humour to compete with Cody 19 and looked for reasons to smile even in difficult times created by the outbreak.

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