Terrorist Attacks In The Mediterranean Alarmed TRNC And Turkey

There were declared necessary measures to take. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the TRNC were concerned about the oil spill at a power plant located in Baniyas, Syria. As they approached the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, they were approaching the Dipkarpaz.

An oil refinery in Baniyas in Syria had a power failure. It caused an oil spill on August 25 that spread into the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, the leak began approaching the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus offshore. Both TRNC and Turkey were on high alert.

In response to the oil spill in Dipkarpaz, TRNC Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataolu reported that the following teams opened 14 miles from the area. But they had not encountered any pollution.

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We Take The Necessary Measures

In a statement, TRNC Transportation Minister Resume Canaltay said, We cooperated with Turkey in taking these measures. According to the TRNC leaders, they discovered the spill originated from Syria on August 30, as it was advancing into the TRNC. After hearing about the leak, he explained that he immediately contacted the coast safety agency. According to Canaltay, the Coast Guard, which is in charge of the seas, is actively building barriers to the sea.

Canalway said that a leak had occurred, but it was unclear how far the leak would spread. The necessary measures take. According to reports, the wind will change direction on September 3 and will blow toward us. Our team contacted Turkey immediately and started working.

Part Of It Crashed Into The Bottom Of The Sea

In addition to the information entering the shore safety teams, Caraltay noted that the tugboats in the region were ready to respond to the crewless aerial vehicles’ data. As a result of the leak leaving behind a solid object, Canaltay said it solidified and collected on the surface. Most of the material sank into the sea. He explained that we would suffer great losses to our habitat if this happens.

Canalway explained that they would meet tomorrow to discuss what can be done on the issue and develop a plan as the Ministry. Action must be taken immediately, he said.

The Cypriot Govt Issued A Warning About The Slick On Monday

In the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), the cape is the northwestmost point of the Karpas Peninsula, around 130 kilometres (80 miles) from Baniyas in the north.

  • Cypriot researchers and the government said today the oil slick was more likely a “sheen” than crude oil and the cape effect within 24 hours based on weather and computer modelling.
  • It added that the government had informed the north authorities and prepare to assist if needed. Mr Saner said all relevant ministries and organizations in the TRNC closely monitor the spill progress and collaborate with the Turkish government, the only country to recognize the north as an independent state.
  • “No one should doubt we will do everything possible to ensure that this spill will not harm our country,” Mr Saner added.

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Turkey’s Vice-President

To prevent an environmental disaster, it is mobilizing every available resource and hopes to control the spill before it reaches Cyprus’ coast before being a catastrophe.

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