Brokers Not Happy:- Stock representatives will never again have the option to request care of financial specialists’ cash. As the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has made a correction to its guidelines. The organization

PM Imran Assures Kashmiris:- PM Imran Khan on Thursday consoled the Kashmiris that great occasions were ahead that will prompt their definitive opportunity from Indian occupation. So, tending to a Kashmir Solidarity rally in Mirpur.

Trump Acquitted:- President Donald Trump has been seen not as blameworthy in his indictment preliminary, finishing an offer to expel him from the office that harshly partitioned the US. The Senate, run by the president’s

Israeli-Palestinian Violen:- There has been an erupt in brutality among Israel and the Palestinians. Only days after US President Donald Trump disclosed his tranquility plan. Two Palestinians murdered by Israeli fire in independent occurrences in