Nintendo Switch Receives Bluetooth Audio For The First Time

Wireless headphones and earbuds are now supported on the Nintendo Switch. In a quiet announcement on Twitter, the gaming giant announced a new software update. Using this feature, the Nintendo switch bluetooth can output audio from devices. The Bluetooth Audio section has been added under Settings. A new indicator will tell you whether a pair of headphones is connected.

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The Feature 

Previously, there was no option to use wired headphones on a Switch or Switch Lite other than with a Bluetooth adapter. So assuming you are using Bluetooth standards that are at least as recent as those on your headphones, it should work.

The new feature does not support Bluetooth microphone input since it is only available for audio output devices. Using Nintendo switch Bluetooth audio, the Switch pair with only two controllers at a time. Furthermore, the system allows the storage of up to ten Bluetooth devices. Connecting more than one console at once is impossible. Moreover, when you play wireless multiplayer games locally, Switch automatically disconnects you using wireless headphones.

In contrast to other portable devices, the Switch has been conspicuously absent of wireless audio since its launch. There are many accessories made by third-party manufacturers that support wireless audio devices. In a previous update, USB headphones also support. Due to this update, though, the Bluetooth earphone you use with all the rest of your gadgets will finally be able to make the transition wireless.

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The new version allows you to learn more about how you can use Bluetooth as part of Version 13.0.0. On Nintendo’s site, you can read the changelog in its entirety,.Which notes that two compatible wireless controllers use if you are also wearing Bluetooth headphones. When local wireless communication is active, you cannot use Bluetooth audio. For example, if you aren’t connected to the internet when playing Mario Kart with someone in the room, you cannot use Bluetooth audio.

Other features also added in the update. The update adds a new function that makes updating the dock easier, as well as a setting that lets you keep your Switch. Connected to the internet even when it is in sleep mode. Previously, these features were only available on other consoles like the PlayStation 5. Which allowed users to download games and updates while sleeping. Also changed is the method for calibrating control sticks.

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