Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: Naya Pakistan Without Freedom of Speech Not Okay

LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that a ‘New Pakistan’ with verges on freedom of look was not satisfactory to his party. Talking as the ‘Guest of Honor’ at the Lahore Press Club on Monday. He said the PPP would stand with the media society during the hard times. Bilawal apologizes that the PTI government set upon taking the freedom to look from the media.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: Naya Pakistan Without Freedom

He said the ‘perspiration and blood’ of presses comprised in the struggle for democracy in Pakistan. But the government, after obligating an economic attack on the media, bent upon grabbing its freedom. Which was noticeable in the form of the curbs being compulsory on it. Bilawal Bhutto said the censorship was growing in the country and the asphyxia under the incumbent government. After moving working journalists, cameramen, producers, media holders were today taking over the bloggers, Facebook and Twitter.

The Pakistan People’s Party chairman demanded that the cases against Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari not introduced due to corruption but politically aware persecution. Bilawal said no one decided with the presiding party claims that Nawaz Sharif assisted the jail term because of exploitation. He said political vengeance was on the rise during the present allowance.

The obligatory government did not additional even wives and children of the enemies, he added. He stated the hope that the National Accountability Bureau shut down entirely. Calling Imran Khan, a hypocrite, Bilawal said he not skilled in solving matters challenged by the country at its borders. He said Imran Khan used to demand good luck to Narendra Modi during his vote campaign.

And now he was calling him Hitler. Later day one, he said the PPP exposing the actual face of Narendra Modi and the RSS. An accumulation that there was a difference b/w former Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi. Modi, he said, called the ‘killer of Gujarat’. He supposed that Imran Khan was not serious in determining the Kashmir matter.

One more question about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s performance, the PPP chief said the “selected” was helping his first and the last period in power. And he would have to face the music over his performances of political victimization. When a selected government would be consecutively the affairs of the country. To a question about the government contract with the IMF. Bilawal said it was a PTI-IMF deal that further to anguishes of the nation.

PTI Government

He said the PTI government continued confused over the problem of signing a deal with the IMF. And later, it decided on the conditions which increased the troubles of Pakistanis. He needed Imran Khan to renegotiate the relations and conditions with the IMF or go home if he was not proficient in managing the situation.

Bilawal said the Pakistan People’s Party, after coming to authority, would take the nation into assurance over the problem and give a plan for increasing the economy. About the part of the PML-N as a hostility party with all its guidance sitting abroad, he said it time to fight together instead of making differences. Difficult abolishing of NAB Ordinance as a black law, the PPP chairman said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had unchecked an era of political victimization in the state.

Pakistan People’s Party

He said even the departed brother of PPP leader Khursheed Shah sent notices from NAB. Though, justice not done to the PPP stalwart Ijaz Jakhrani, who beaten Mohammed Mian Soomro in overall elections. But was disadvantaged of the order in the ‘selection procedure.’ He said that the country was not being run through popular will, but orders from some umpire, adding that NAB and economy could not go side by side.

So, he said Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari clear of all cases made contrary to them, but Shaheed Bibi could not live to see judges doing justice to her. He said the Pakistan People’s Party was still pending justice in the case of the judicial murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He has spoken the hope that organizations meant to offer justice would do justice to people as a replacement for turning themselves into ‘dam construction’ forms.

The PPP chairman said that the People’s Party improved the salaries and pensions of the workers. But the incumbent government, they were not being paid even their regular fees. He said the PPP introduced schemes like Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) to pawn challenges like poverty, joblessness. But under Imran Khan, people were facing thoughtful economic problems.

Naya Pakistan Without Freedom

To a question about the censure of PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. He said a ‘Drain Minister’ like him should directly go home. As a record number of changes had taken place under him. Stating optimism over the concord agreement b/w the US and Taliban. Bilawal called for concerning Afghan people in the contract without which, the legality of the process would remain under question.

He said his party had a continuously strong supporter of peace in the region and solution to the core problems through dialogue. Though he said in the deal b/w the US and Taliban, the people of Afghanistan should also be involved.

Bilawal said without the participation of the people of Afghanistan, the lawfulness of the process would remain to be questioned. He said the hope of peace in Afghanistan could be cherished from this dialogue method. But if it has done for the vote of US President Donald Trump, it was not a helpful step. He said that amity in the region was significant than the election of US President Donald Trump, who was going to run for the high-level polls for the second time now.

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