Amanullah Joins Iconic Pakistani Comedians List Who Left Millions Mourning

Amanullah Joins Iconic Pakistani Comedians List:- Famous Pakistani stage, film and TV comedian, Amanullah Khan, to end breathed his last in Lahore Friday after extended disease. But not before the fable had shown for decades how a mixture of extempore verbal content, acting, body language and personality could make the audiences and listeners spurt into an instant enjoyment.

Amanullah Pakistani Best Comedians

Identified for his thump lines, freedom and timing of his dialogues, Amanullah was the life-line of Pakistani stage performances. Research showed by the “Jang Group and Geo TV Network” displays that during these last 62 years or so, Pakistan has lost many stand-up comedians and jokers, whose loud wit, pun, ridicule, and understated jokes had brought precious smiles on the faces of their fellow citizen.

Amanullah Best Comedians

Here tracks a list of top-class Pakistani comedians who have deceased for their wonderful houses since 1960, leaving vast voids in the hearts and attentions of their keen fans.

Comedian Zarif:

In October 1960, well-known comedian Zarif had passed away. Zarif was the first-ever funniness actor in Pakistani films who got instant success in championship roles. He passes away very young at the top of his career. He was only 34. His actual name was Mohammad Siddiq.

Zarif’s younger colleague, Munawar Zarif, extensively acknowledged as the uncrowned ‘Comedy King of Pakistan’. Lined the rest till his early demise some 44 years ago on April 29, 1976, in Lahore. He was 36 only.

Munawwar Zarif was the maximum paid film actor of his time. And the degree of his fame among the crowds could be evaluated from the fact that lots of people from all walks of life had joined his service.

Comedian Abid Khan was a very famous stage artist, who also presented his supreme talent in a number of TV serials and films. Taking had a wide admirer base both in Pakistan and abroad, Abid Khan dead in 2000 while on a journey at Hazrat Bari Imam’s shrine in Islamabad.

Decorated TV host and anchor Prof Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti had a cold of a heart attack in New York after an act on October 30, 1994. His well-known TV shows contain Takra, Yadish Bukharin and Mela, etc.

Punjabi Stage Comedian Shaoqi Khan

Fabulous Punjabi stage comedian Shaoqi Khan passes away in a car accident in February 2003. He had won a lot of fame through his comedy audio cases, more than 400 really.

Saeed Khan alias Rangeela passes away on May 24, 2005, at Lahore. Having appeared in more than 560 films. Rangeela was a body-builder, artiste, actor, hero, comedian, director, writer, singer, and a creator all at the same time. Rangeela made his entrance in a 1958 Punjabi film called ‘Jatti’ and not ever looked back later.

God-gifted imitator, comedian, singer, host, director, writer and iconic link, Moin Akhtar, had capitulated to cardiac capture April 2011. In April 2011, well-known comedian Ayyub Akhtar identified Babu Baral had dead after prolonged disease at the age of 47. It was also during April 2011 when funny actor Murtaza Hasan, known as Mastana, had died at the Bahawalpur’s Victoria Hospital.

Pakistani Comedian Liaquat Soldier:

On May 31, 2011, Pakistani comedian Liaquat Soldier had passed away. Even though contributing to a TV show organized for the Pakistan-India World Cup semifinal game that India went on to win.

Fabulous comedian, Safirullah Siddiqui, generally recognized as Lehri, had passed away in September 2012. He was sorrowful from a lung illness, kidney illnesses, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

In July 2014, a famous Pakistani comedian and stage actor, Mahmood Khan, had died at Mayo Hospital Lahore. In August 2015, famous comedian cum stage actor Fareed Khan has dead.

Bright comedian Khawaja Akmal was an expert Pakistani TV actor and comedian. Who was regularly famous for playing funny roles in Pakistani sitcoms. His outstanding work contains Bulb lay, Rusgullay, and Batashay. He passes away from a heart attack on 26 Nov 2017.

Film and TV Actor and Comedian, Ali Ejaz

Wonderful film and TV actor and comedian, Ali Ejaz, was until now another well-known Pakistani who pass away from a heart attack. His stay on the earth ended on Dec 19, 2018.

His company with the late comedian, Rafi Khawar alias Nanna, in main comic characters, had received him an eternal celebrity, even though his TV drama ‘Khawaja & Son’ had won him huge admiration also.

Lately, on Feb 21, 2020, stage comedian Nadeem Baral had dead. On Dec 25, 2019, one more Pakistani comedian and stage actor, Ashraf Rahi, had left the world.

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