3 Ways To Quickly Shorten URL Straight From Your Browser

URL shortening is an insanely valuable marketing tool, especially in the age of microblogging and URLs that are mega long. It allows you to shorten long URLs easily and quickly.

Shorten URL can be incredibly powerful in the world of microblogging and mega long URLs. It easily simplifies files and saves space, as well as tracking links and revealing how often they’ve been clicked.

The tools we will present will let you shorten URLs for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In addition, you can use any browser to shorten websites using an online URL shortener.

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How to Shorten URLs Using Google Chrome

Whenever you need to shorten a web link, how often have you copied the original URL, pasted it into a URL shortener, and then copied it again wherever you need it? Furthermore, expanding many tabs will complicate managing your browsing activity, in addition to being time-consuming.

If you prefer Chrome, these extensions allow you to shorten URLs more quickly:

  • Shortening URLs
  • A Chrome extension that shortens URLs
  • Generator of QR Codes & URL Shorteners – QuickLink

Shortening URLs with URL Shortener is one of the best Chrome extensions.

How to Use Shorten URL

Install URL Shortener from the Chrome Web Store if you want to use your favourite browser. Your link is also generated into a QR code with this tool, which is a great way to share information with smartphone users.

Click the icon for the shortening tool in the tab you’re currently in to shorten the URL. A shortened URL generate along with a QR code with the extension. Just click on the icon near the URL to Copy it.

How to Shorten URLs Using Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox users, here are a few extensions that you can install:

  • Copy Short URL
  • Link Shortener
  • Rebrandly | URL shortener

The Copy Short URL Firefox extension is among the best.

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How to Use Copy Short URL

This Firefox extension lets you copy short URLs from URL shortening services is TinyURL and bit.ly. When you click this Add-on, it will find the canonical short URL for the website you are currently on and copy that. The shortener will create a URL if one isn’t already available.

In addition to displaying the shortened link in the bottom-right corner of your screen, Copy Short URL also copies the shortened link into your clipboard.

Shorten URLs With Any Browser

Bitly is an alternative to Chrome or Firefox that you can use if you aren’t using those browsers frequently or switching between them often for work or personal activities. The tool is available for free without creating an account.

Shorten URLs With Just a Few Clicks

Shortening URLs has a lot of benefits. In addition, you don’t need to remember the long address when sending a URL. Shortened URLs do have one disadvantage, however. A malicious site is hidden behind a shortened URL.

To find a feature that suits your needs, visit the URL shortener’s web store in the browser you always use and look at its description.

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